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Terms of Service

Plug and Play Maps builds a map on your web page using a map service provider (currently only Google Maps). Your use of the map service is controlled by their terms of service. Generally, you are free to put a map on any page of your website that is free and open to the public, even if you are a business - it is the access to the page that counts, not the nature of your enterprise... but you should check with the terms of service if in doubt. Plug and Play Maps is merely facilitating your use of the map service, and is not responsible for your compliance with their terms of use.


In order to build a map on your web page, you need to provide data to Plug and Play Maps. You may pass the data by reference to a datafile somewhere on the internet (not necessarily on your website), or by placing the data directly in the call to the Plug and Play Maps script. In either case, visitors to your website can see your data, so you should not post or provide any information you consider to be sensitive. Plug and Play Maps makes no use of the data beyond providing the mapping script for your web page - we do not record, store, or otherwise make any use of the data you provide. We "use it then lose it" as soon as the script has been returned. We do, however, keep track of the number and data volume of script requests coming from your website, for purposes of monitoring and improving our service. We may also try to contact you to ask your permission to feature your map on our website, or to solicit your feedback about the service to identify ways to improve it; you should feel free to ignore any such contact if you are not interested, and we will not contact you further.


Plug and Play Maps works by delivering JavaScript to the browser of a visitor looking at any of your web pages containing a map. This arrangement gives our script access to and control over the appearance and interaction of that web page with that visitor in ways that could, in principle, be abused by us. That wouldn't be a very good way for us to do business with you, so we play nicely! Our script will only modify your web page by inserting the elements you request (a map, and optionally a legend and/or a zoom-control drop-down). We do not inspect, modify, or make any use of any other elements on your web page, nor any cookies. Our scripts are 100% map-generation code, as you can see if you inspect the JavaScript in one of your map pages after it has rendered.


Plug and Play Maps reserves the right to limit the service as they see fit. Limits may be established for any reason, including but not limited to bandwidth usage, CPU usage, or any usage deemed abusive of the service. At present, the only limit set is 200kb per data layer (you can have more than one data layer per map). This is as much for your sake as ours -- too much data can greatly slow down your web visitor's browser as it tries to render the data.


The Plug and Play Maps service is freely available as provided, including any limits established above. If you are interested in the service without our logo and link-back to our website, or if you are interested in licensing the software to run on your server for greater performance and/or privacy, please contact us.


Plug and Play Maps provides the service "as is", with no warranty express or implied for any purpose. Use it if you like, or don't... it's your choice and you assume all responsibility. See also Google's terms of service.

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