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Plug and Play Maps - Just Add Data

To get a map on your web page, you just add 2 simple lines. With this Designer you can create and preview a simple map and get the matching Plug and Play Maps <script> to copy and paste into your web page (you get the other <script> from Google). First, enter the web address (http://...) of the data file you want to map; next, you will see a live map preview that you can update with other settings for how you want the map and data to look.

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Need help managing your file size or format? Some of these free, online utilities may help:
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You are designing the map and matching Plug and Play Maps <script> to copy/paste into your web page. This design tool only lets you create a map with one data file; see the gallery and How To pages for examples and information on having more than one map layer.

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